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lunedì, settembre 04, 2006

Free Mickey!

Celebrate! This is my first post in my personal blog!
I thought it should have been something worth remembering. After a couple of tries, I understood I'm not good enough to write something so remarkable this late at night. Beers don't help either. Therefore I'm feeding you with a link to a speech from Lawrence Lessig I strongly recommend (I got the link from this page here, check for more wonderful presentations).
For those of you who don't know, Lessig is one of the main voices in the media rights discussion (yeah, like there was a discussion at all), as well as founder of the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford.
Simple, clear, strong. This is the perfect example of how any public speech should be.
And, by the way, he's right. :-)

Lessig's Free Culture Speech


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