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mercoledì, settembre 06, 2006

New iMac and Mac Mini unveiled

With an extremely unexpected move, Apple quitely introduced a significant upgrade to their iMac line.
Main changes are:

1) 24" version (to go along with 17" and 20");
2) 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor (with clock speeds from 1.83GHz to 2.33GHz);
3) Brighter screens;

The weird thing is that this upgrade was widely thought to be unveiled during the media event that Apple is holding on September 12th 2006.
Now the event seems to be fully focused one the big news, that should be the introduction of a movie download service for the iTunes store.
New iPod Nanos with colored metallic enclosure are also expected for the event.

Right after the iMac appeared on Apple’s site, new Mac Minis also popped out (biggest upgrade here being the Intel Core 2 Duo).
These moves make me wonder what the hell Steve Jobs has in store for keynote in Frisco (Sep 12th). Is it really just the Movie download site (as bold a move this would be in my opinion)? Can we expect the long awaited “true” Video iPod? Whatever it is, I get this strange sensation that it’s gonna be BIG…

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